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Few words about us

Mini Kabob, the smallest kabob restaurant in Los Angeles has been around for one of the longest, 28 years.
Ovakim Martirosyan, head chef at Mini Kabob has been serving kabobs for 45 years. His passion for kabobs started in the army when in Armenia.

He wanted to create a better life for himself after the army so he headed down to Los Angeles and started working on his recipes. Ovakim worked with countless chefs to perfect his recipe until stumbling upon Mini Kabob. He took over the little 225 sq ft joint and re-created traditional Armenian flavors.


His passion extended onto his wife and the duo made a great culinary team. They have worked together for the past 20 years and are still cooking quality food to this day. Their son has now joined the team cooking alongside them and working towards a bigger, "Mini Kabob."